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The APD in APDNUDES™ stands for Alluring, Passionate, Desirable which exactly describes our view when thinking about the naturally sexy, playful, erotic and alluring nature of an APD model. Our invitation to you is for you come and celebrate the beauty in nudity of real, passionate and desirable women from the UK and all over the world with us.

Our pledge is not only to bring you your established favourites photographed in a new way in sensual and thoughtful settings, but also to bring you brand new and exclusive models first. APDNUDES is already established as the Premier site to see the finest models in the UK Glamour and Fashion industry doing their first ever erotic shoot. We will continue to expand this policy, so look out for many of your favourites taking their first steps in erotica in the coming months.

So what are we all about then? Alluring Passionate Desirable Nudes is all about beautiful, pure, sensual, natural erotica. At APD we respect women, we shoot them as they choose to be photographed and filmed, using their input and ideas. We believe that sensuality and passion can be as sexy as explictness. You will notice in our pictorials and videos all the women look like they want to be there and are exploring their sensuality and sexuality rather than just 'performing for the camera'. That's because we always capture the women we feature within their comfort zone - however sexy, sensual or naughty they may wish to be - they want to be there and are enjoying what they are doing. That's how we like it.

Our, now resident, photographer and videographer Iain has pledged to bring you nothing but the most beautiful and sought after women from the UK and beyond. Iain is undoubtedly one of the UK's top erotic producers and enjoys a worldwide reputation as a major content supplier to the top websites and magazine groups here in Europe and globally. Iain's standing within the industry ensures that he is able to bring you the most alluring and sexy UK models here at APDNUDES first. Most of the best UK models are already aware of Iain's reputation within the Industry as the point of contact for their first erotic adventure. At APD we have tapped into this and we are THE PLACE where you see the models first - in only the highest quality achievable. With our multiple photo and video updates every week you will get updates of our existing models and brand new models every month .... guaranteed. We also plan to bring you bonus updates from other well known photographers over time ... just to spice things up a bit!

At APDNUDES we are always striving to improve our site, we have many more feature enhancements to bring you over the coming weeks, months and years because APDNUDES is built and looked after with passion and care, from the editing of the content, to the queuing of updates, to every single email we send out or every update tweet and blog post we publish! Finally, an erotic nude site that cares about what we bring you and strives to make it even better with every change we make - we are not about bold promises, we simply do what it says in the title - Alluring. Passionate. Desirable. Nudes.

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